University City Public Art

Art doesn't just happen in a studio.

Each year, the parks, plazas, schools, shopping districts, galleries, libraries, and community centers of University City—Washington University's neighbor to the north—fill with works by Sam Fox School art and design students as part of the University City Public Art Series.

Originally launched as the University City Sculpture Series in 1986, the collaboration between the Sam Fox School and the Municipal Commission on Arts & Letters of University City is the longest-running partnership of its type in the United States. For students, the series has become a rite of passage, a chance to explore the social aspects and civic responsibilities of being an artist. To date, more than 200 students, 17 professors, 4 deans, 2 chancellors, 60 commission members, and 2 mayors have collaborated on the series, producing almost 200 temporary public works.

2017 Series

Save the date! The 2017 University City Public Art Series will open April 22. Check back for updates in the coming weeks.

2016 Series

The theme for the 2016 series, Boundary, explored divides both tangible and intangible within the University City community. Boundaries within communities shape our daily actions and perception of the world around us. The following four commissioned projects located throughout University City provided visual examination of everything from physical barriers to the cultural divides:

Light Cycle by Hannah Blumer, BFA16
Mending Wall by Dante Migone-Ojeda, BFA16
Conversation Tubes by Daniel Shieh, BFA16
Sandbox by Jessica Sun, BFA17

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Visual Archive

To celebrate the history of the University City Public Art Series, we've created a special visual archive of pieces that includes pictures, videos, project proposals, and other related materials.

We're always interested in adding to this archive. If you're an artist who participated in the series who has something to say about your past or current work, or if you have photos, media, or other information related to the series, we encourage you to contact us through this online form.

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Support for the University City Public Art Series is provided by the Marvin Levy Fund, the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, and the Municipal Commission on Arts & Letters of University City.