AIA-St. Louis Awards

Drawing as a Practice of Analysis, Patty Heyda, pH1.

Sam Fox School members receive architectural honors

Posted by Katherine Koss October 14, 2009

Several Sam Fox School faculty, alumni, and students were recently honored at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) – St. Louis Awards Dinner.

The Design Awards program was founded with the mission of recognizing outstanding achievements in all areas of design and construction, while creating awareness of design and construction excellence in the St. Louis region and inspiring professionals to even better work in the future.

The Design Awards committee was chaired by David Polzin of Cannon Design, and included Sam Fox School adjunct lecturers Ian Caine and John Guenther, as well as Brok Howard of Arcturis.

Buzz Spector, dean of the College and Graduate School of Art, served as chair for the Drawings Awards; Ann Beha of Ann Beha Architects served as chair for the Unbuilt, Interiors, and Architecture Awards.

Below are award-winning projects involving members of the Sam Fox School. To view all winning projects, visit the AIA-St. Louis website.


Drawing as a Practice of Analysis

St. Louis, MO

Artist: Patty Heyda (Sam Fox School lecturer)
Firm: pH1

The drawing is conceptually and graphically rich. History is present here, both as mise-en-scene and as historical diagram. Information is envisioned here in a multivalent manner, drawing the eye from form to fact and back again.


Rhapsody in White – A Reading Room

St. Louis, MO

Artist: Erik J. Mease (MArch08)
Firm: Cannon Design

The spatial exaggeration of the atrium space opens the drawing up as if the book stacker were the verso, the far wall the recto, of an opened book. The graphic concept is very strong, and the translucent affect in the treatment of the walls is reminiscent of the alabaster translucence of Yale's Beinecke Library.


San Francisco Housing

San Francisco, CA

Artist: Timothy Breihan, Associate AIA (MArch/MUD08)

The lateral extension of the drawing format provides a backdrop for the graphic treatment of the housing development. The social space is smartly rendered, and effectively communicates the interest of the architect in responding to the structural fabric of the neighborhood.


Form(ing) the Informal

Tijuana, BC Mexico

Designers: Sam Fox School Urban Studio led by John Hoal (Sam Fox School associate professor)
Illustrator/Photographer: Sam Fox School Urban Studio

A layered and fascinating investigation. This integrated approach is a model for urban and environmental planning—and it reminded us of the importance of inclusive research and interdisciplinary planning as the precedent to development and design.


Taylor Playground

St. Louis, MO

Architect: H3 Studio (John Hoal)
Photographer/Illustrator: H3 Studio

Bravo for the absence of multi-colored play equipment and the inclusion of informal and more inventive environments for the same activities! The jury appreciated the adult sitting areas, and felt that the entire community, and all ages, would benefit from this infill, which was creative and coherent, sustainable and enduring.


Sutton Landscape
Maplewood, MO

Architect: DAS: 20 Architecture Studio (Gia Daskalakis, principal/Sam Fox School associate professor)
Photographers/Illustrators: Daniel Jacobs, Katie Gallagher, Alex Chabla (Sam Fox School undergraduate architecture students)

The plan contrasts open planted areas with contemporary interpretations of pergolas and growing devices, making a garden that is interesting to look at year round, and visually bountiful. We commend the luscious presentation as its own form of promotion and note that any supporter would be more positively drawn to this project by virtue of the colors and spirit infused in the drawings.


Live | Work Landscapes
Maplewood, MO

Architects: Brian Michener and Timothy Breihan, Associate AIA (both MArch/MUD08)

The jury was intrigued by the possibilities that this project suggested, rather than detail of the buildings it proposed, and was remind that architects and planners are often experts at finding opportunities—in this case substantial sites that offer reclaimed landscape and new architectural opportunities.


Urban Voids: Harvest Sites for Energy
Philadelphia, PA

Architects: Patty Heyda, pH1, Jennifer Lee
Illustrators/Photographers: Patty Heyda, Jennifer Lee

The jury applauds the framework established by the design team, and the breadth and with of their ideas. The project was an important reminder that comprehensive planning of wider neighborhood boundaries are a useful framework, and that "out of the box" thinking about our blighted communities and properties can serve as a tool for dialogue, and a platform for creative planning.


Virtual Reality Enterprises, LLC
Clayton, MO

Architect: Holden Architects
General contractor: Brinkmann Constructors
Photographer: Philip Holden, AIA (Sam Fox School senior lecturer)

Unfussy and well executed, this small office hangs together as a coherent whole by reducing its palette of materials, offering light and views as way – finding devices, and using traditional commercial systems with skill and sophistication.


Indianapolis International Airport Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal
Indianapolis, IN

Architectural firm: HOK, Inc. (Ripley Rasmus, MArch80)
General contractor: Hunt Construction Group
Photographer: Sam Fentress Photography

Structurally athletic and expressive, this project is a welcoming and wide-open antidote to our post-9/11 era. The jury commends the design for its civic intentions, its airiness, and light – attributes associated with flight itself.


Cannon Design Regional Offices, Power House Restoration/Renovation
St. Louis, MO

Architectural firm: Cannon Design (firm members include David Polzin, AB89, and George Nikolajevich, MArch78)
General contractor: R.G. Ross
Photographer: Architectural Imageworks, LLC

The project conveys an important message in an era of concerns about sustainability and wasteful practices: that a spirited renovation can be just as powerful as a new building. The space will be a signature, both memorable and theatrical.


Washburn University, Stoffer Science Hall
Topeka, KS

Architectural firm: Cannon Design (firm members include David Polzin, AB89, and George Nikolajevich, MArch78)
General contractor: Ferrell Construction of Topeka, Inc.
Photographer: Michael Spillers Photos

A common and solid block building has been enlivened by this spirited curvy addition. The result is friendly, open, and witty, giving the college a new face on a main street.