Student Installations: Radical Design

April 13, 2017 - April 20, 2017

View the final student installations from the spring 2017 course Radical Design: Making Civic Experiences, taught by Alix Gerber, the Louis D. Beaumont Visiting Assistant Professor. The installations invite the public into their imagined worlds, and explore issues around class divisions, surveillance, the source of the knowledge we consume, and emotional intelligence.

The Token Room
Molly Brodsky, Veronica Jong, and Laken Sylvander

Stop by from 1-4p April 13, DUC Patio

Find your match.
Transparent. Reflective. Violet.

so • PER • to
Cara DiLiberti, Jelly Li, and Aviva Mann

Stop by from 1-4p April 13, Simon Hall, Rm. 022

Welcome to so • PER • to, a world where everyone has access to all knowledge through their glasses and the success of this world is based on everyone’s right to access knowledge. You will be greeted by a knowledge watchman, an individual who ensures so • PER • to's communities all have access to knowledge through the glasses that you will be given to experience this world.

Information Pharmacy
Anu Samarajiva and Sukari Stone

Stop by from 1:30-3:30p April 13; on view through April 20, Kranzberg Art & Architecture Library

In the age of "fake news" and "alternative facts," how do we identify the truth and form beliefs? Who controls the creation and distribution of information? Through this project we hope to provoke thought and discussion concerning information we perceive as "fact."

Empathy or Scorn
Louisa Judge, Sarah Davis, and Charlotte Jones
Stop by from 8-10p April 17, Busch Stadium MetroLink Station, westbound Blue Line MetroLink cars